Peter Lind

Department of Molecular Biology
Umeå University

We are always looking for new members to join the lab. We are broadly interested in all aspects of predicting evolution and welcomes people with diverse backgrounds in life sciences, including theoreticians, bioinformaticians and experimentalists. Open postdoc or PhD student positions will be advertised here, but if you want to chat about future possibilities or joint fellowship applications, please contact me directly. If you are looking for an internship or thesis project you can also send an email, but please follow the application guidelines below to make you stand out as there are many mass applications that lack the information required to decide if the student would be a suitable team member.

When applying please include the following:

  1. A motivation for why you want to join our particular lab (for example did you hear a presentation or read an article or just came across the website.
  2. A description of your research interests and how you think this is relevant for the research done in the lab. If you have a particular idea/project you can also include a short description, but this is not necessary for an initial contact.
  3. A short CV with the most important experiences and skills. Tell me briefly about what you have done rather that add long lists of courses or methods used.
  4. References from previous advisors or professors are also encouraged, but I understand that not all students have been able to participate in relevant activities. I will not contact references without asking you first.